Why Branding And Logo Design Are Crucial For Successful Business

Why Branding And Logo Design Are Crucial For Successful Business

Walter Joseph Landor, a legendary brand designer and the founder of Landor Associates, said,

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in mind”

SO – What comes into your mind why you think of Tesla? McDonald or Nike?
A giant futuristic car with a T-logo, McDonald arches and Nike’s Tick right?

The fact that these and other multi-billion companies spend nearly 10 – 15 percent of their revenue over the branding itself not only to survive in the market but also to thrive with digital trends. However, if still there is voice back in your head tells you to skip the logo, shush that voice immediately because today we will be sharing reasons why logo and branding are crucial for business success.

Boost Brand Recognition
From quality social media post to logo and website content, whatever you present to your visitor counts as your business branding.

Today each of us knows the value, impact, and quality of content we receive each day. We are living in an era where a logo and branding style can immediately help us recognize which brand has released this post or ad without confusing for a minute.

Research before Work
Competition fuels the business arena and makes the market place more interesting and exciting by the time.

So, before jumping right into any field know the competitors you are going to compete. Research and know what your unique selling point is and compare how stepping into marketing with quality branding will increase your worth and build a better reputation in the market.

From a social media platform, mobile application or even web apps research and analysis where your target audience is mostly available and how you can grasp the attention with proven methods.