The Untold Truth about ‘Free’ Website Builders

The Untold Truth about ‘Free’ Website Builders

When you are not paying for a product – you are a product. Creating a custom website design has always been the hustle and bustle not everyone can stand by. Some businesses took advantage of your worries and beautified your solution with a word that messes up everything, i.e. ‘Free’. So if you ever typed on Google about ‘custom website design’, you must have found yourself curious enough to click on Free Website Builders. So today, we are going to share some untold truth about these ‘Free’ platform so that you may make an informed decision accordingly.

Ownership: How much your Site will actually be yours?
Regardless of how easier ‘drop and drag’ option seems, that pretty thing quite satisfactory when you design site all by yourself. But what’s behind the scene is entirely different once you are done with the quick game. Are you sure of the code your site carries if completely yours? Are you allowed to access the serves where your website needs to check and balance every day? These are the technical aspects that are required when you will plan to own and get the rights for your business site. From CSS files to backend code your site has to be yours either they are just filed or even the customized code.

Free But Limited? : If it’s Free, Why do they offer packages?

Are you able to use tons of free plugins that are essential for a site? Well, once you get hypnotized entirely with the free drag and drop concept. You will soon need to manage your website files are not granted with that Free package. These ‘Free’ website builders clearly ask for payments to get access that will eventually bring you to the point where you’ll be needing experts for sure.

Beware that these paid features are mandatory for every business websites that are planning to excel more. So are you honestly getting a free website design or its just a way to get the basics of it? If you opt for custom website design services for your business, you are likely to avail over 55,633 plugins that are available to make your site incredibly amazing.